ExCeL London |  24 - 25 April 2024


Dark Data: How Can we stop pouring valuable data down the drain?

24 Apr 2024
Data, Analytics & Applied AI Theatre
"Dark Data: How Can We Stop Pouring Valuable Data Down the Drain?" is a thought-provoking panel addressing the often overlooked issue of "dark data" — the vast amounts of unutilized, unanalyzed, and untapped data accumulated by organizations across healthcare; and how we can overcome this to benefit patient, physician and payer. During the panel we look at the origins of ‘dark data’, where is healthcare holding massive amounts of information and why does this remain in the shadows, unused and unexplored.  We look into the potential benefits of harnessing dark data, demonstrating how it can provide invaluable insights for decision-making, enhance operational efficiency, and drive innovation with real world examples across insurers and hospitals, highlighting where dark data analytics has led to breakthroughs in customer service, product development, and risk management, providing the audience with strategies for organizations to effectively integrate dark data analytics into their existing data management framework so we can stop "pouring valuable data down the drain."  Finally we touch on the technical, ethical, and legal hurdles in data mining and analysis, including data privacy concerns and the need for robust security measures.
Dr. Anushka Patchava, Co-founder at Wellx, Chief Growth Officer at Mindstep, Expert Advisor UN and WEF - Mindstep, UN and WEF
Kassim Hussein, Head of Data and Analytics - Cleveland Clinic London
Dr Cos Fantis, CEO - Encode Health
Ian Gargan, Chief Executive - Private Healthcare Information Network (Phin)
Dr. Farzana Rahman, CEO and co-founder Hexarad - Hexarad
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