ExCeL London |  24 - 25 April 2024


What do patients think of digital?

24 Apr 2024
Technology Enabled Care & Patient Engagement Theatre in Partnership with TSA

The Health Innovation Network South London has recently delivered two large-scale projects on patients’ views of digital using surveys and focus groups - one exploring Digital First tools (online forms, the NHS App and GP practice websites) in primary care, and another focusing on digital health technologies for mental health. Both projects gathered insights from a large number of people (approx. 3,000 and 850 participants, respectively) and were guided by lived experience. During this session, insights on patient perspectives of digital healthcare from these projects will be shared alongside practical learning and tips for similar projects and public engagement.

Amanda Begley, Exec Director of Digital and Transformation - Health Innovation Network
Laura Walton, Project lead – Digital First Evaluation - Health Innovation Network – South London
Sophie Lowry, Implementation and Involvement Manager - Health Innovation Network – South London
Zoe Zambelli, Evaluation Manager - Health Innovation Network – South London
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