ExCeL London |  24 - 25 April 2024


Discovery of 6x more undiagnosed and miscoded patients with hard-to-diagnose conditions & halving treatment costs

26 Apr 2023
Digital Keynote Theatre

Learn how NHS Lothian is applying Pangaea’s novel AI-driven product, to characterise cancer patients with cachexia, in an evolving, privacy-preserving and scalable manner. The discovery of 6x more suitable patients, compared to using ICD codes and generic text mining or NLP approaches, resulted in a 50% reduction of treatment costs and new clinically actionable intelligence, which can be used to screen patients and match them to suitable therapies and clinical trials. These results were clinically validated and the study is being extended to include Pangaea as part of routine clinical care pathway for early diagnosis of such patients and to also help find more suitable patients for clinical trials and new therapies across various hard-to-diagnose conditions.

Vibhor Gupta, Founder & Director - Pangaea Data
Richard Skipworth, Surgeon - Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh

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