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23 Feb 2023

Improve patient experience with the power of instant translations

Improve patient experience with the power of instant translations

Healthcare providers face a growing challenge to meet the changing communication needs of the UK’S increasingly diverse population. 

Around one in ten  people in the UK speak English as an additional language. In large urban centres like London this figure rises to around one in five people.

Lost in translation - language barriers cause delays to care 

Our recent research shows that healthcare workers are losing half a working day every week overcoming language barriers. Some respondents admitted that there had been a time during their career where communicating with a patient or colleague with English as a second language has prevented or delayed them from giving the best care they could. 

In a typical week, we found that as much as four and a half hours are spent by healthcare professionals managing communication breakdowns born from language barriers. 


Evidence shows that the better the communication between practitioner and patient, the better the clinical outcomes are. That’s why Pocketalk is working closely with the healthcare industry to provide better access to translations to provide professionals and patients with more seamless translations. 

Technology transforms communication 

GDPR approved Pocketalk is a digital translation device that enables instant, accurate translations in 82 languages with just the touch of a button. This solution reduces the time and financial investment required when using person translators or using language lines. Pocketalk can be used for a number of different scenarios from a patient asking a healthcare assistant for a water to the camera feature translating text on documents into their native language. 


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