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22 Feb 2024

Introducing Our Next Speaker…Brin Hodgskiss

Introducing Our Next Speaker…Brin Hodgskiss

Stories make our lives meaningful. Yet digital transformation efforts don't use this to deliver change. How might we do it better?

In this month’s newsletter we are putting a spotlight on one of our speakers, Brin Hodgskiss.

The Digital Healthcare Show is incredibly excited to be working with a highly talented expert like Brin, who will be leading a session in our ‘Keynote Theatre’ on ‘The role of Storytelling in changing mindsets and supercharging digital adoption’

We are delighted to have Brin Hodgskiss, Head of Transformation, NHS England as one of our keynote speakers. In his session he will unravel the art of leveraging storytelling as a powerful tool for Change Management and driving adoption with digital initiatives. Using real-world examples and personal anecdotes, he will demonstrate how storytelling can create engagement, build relationships, and significantly influence stakeholders in your digital journey.

An Intro to Brin

As Head of Transformation for NHS England, Brin Hodgskiss is a seasoned leader with a track record of spearheading transformational initiatives in the public sector. He has extensive experience in healthcare leadership and strategy, as well as digital innovation, having previously held the pivotal role of Head of Transformation Strategy at NHSX. Joining the NHS in 2017 as Transformation Lead (Urgent and Emergency Care), his insights into rapid and effective human-centric transformation in the NHS stem from his hands-on involvement in increasing the uptake of online consultations among GP surgeries during the pivotal period of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Prior his time in the NHS, Brin played key roles in driving change in law enforcement, notably as a Business Benefits Lead at Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, and Cambridgeshire Police, where he established and embedded Benefits Realisation Management (BRM) practices across multiple forces. While his previously as Strategic Intelligence Manager may seem removed from his current work in transformation, in this role he helped re-design the Analysis, Research, and Intelligence Management functions of Cambridgeshire's Intelligence Bureau, leading them through a period of significant change. During his tenure with Cambridgeshire Constabulary, Brin consistently demonstrated his ability to pioneer innovative approaches, recognised as national best practices.

Drawing on his extensive background, Brin has become a seasoned expert in leveraging storytelling as a potent tool in the realm of digital transformation.

Brin’s Mission

“Strategist, communicator, and network builder. I keep finding myself starting up new things, so made it my job.”

Dr Brin Hodgskiss realised, after 20 years in the public sector, that he was doing it wrong. Training originally in psychology, his career took him from police investigations, to operational management, and onward into large scale digital transformation. There it dawned on him: it's not about managing the process, or even about managing the people. It's about managing meaning. Drawing on everything from neurology to his experiences with serial murderers, he is passionate about using stories to help us influence even better.

Driving compassionate transformation

Describing his work as “compassionate transformation”, Brin spends his days helping others drive effective change within the NHS.

Brin regularly shares lessons learn from his time driving change on his blog. Accompanied by his humorous sketches and doodles, Brin delves into insights of the week, priorities lying ahead, and stories highlighting the highs and lows of transformation in the NHS. His most recent entry explore the ‘Transforming the Patient Experience of First Contact with the NHS’ initiative that him and the team are working on at the Transformation Directorate. You can take a closer look here: https://medium.com/@theredmountain0

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As the Founder of The Psychology of Stories, Brin equally offers advice, training, and consultancy in the psychology of influence and how to harness this using stories. His team focus particularly on change management and digital transformation. All their courses are online and interactive, and they are happy to create a bespoke product for every client.


‘The role of Storytelling in changing mindsets and supercharging digital adoption’

Here’s what to expect from his session at the show…

  • Strategic Storytelling Techniques:
    • Delve into the nuances of using metaphors, visuals, and relatable narratives to simplify complex digital strategies and make them accessible to diverse stakeholders, including both clinical and non-clinical staff.
  • Building Team Bonds Through Stories:
    • Discover how storytelling serves as a catalyst for team bonding. Exploring insights into how stories about personal experiences, both successes and challenges, can foster a deeper connection among team members, fostering a collaborative and supportive work environment around a mutual strategy.
  • Storytelling for Effective Change Adoption:
    • Uncover the secrets of using stories to support the adoption of digital initiatives. By weaving stories into your change management strategy – address uncertainty, convey key messages, and inspire action, ensuring successful implementation.


Don’t miss the chance to hear Brin speak in-person at this year’s Digital Healthcare Show 24-25 April at the ExCel London.

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