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12 Apr 2024

Learn How an NHS Foundation Trust Enhanced Hospital Security

Liverpool Heart and Chest Hospital (LHCH) is an NHS foundation trust that delivers high-quality clinical services to 2.8 million patients and family members. 
As the Security Manager, Brian Cowan is responsible for implementing comprehensive security strategies to keep staff and visitors safe. He was also in charge of maintaining the organisation’s physical security infrastructure - including its legacy CCTV network.

The Challenge
The legacy system comprised of historic coaxial and IP-based systems which were complicated, unreliable, and costly. It needed a constant flow of engineers to patch up faults and camera failures, as well as a dedicated room filled with DVRs, a complex cabling network, and a multitude of UPS units. 

Why Verkada: A Hybrid Cloud Solution
At the height of the pandemic in 2020, Cowan began deploying Verkada video security to streamline maintenance and simplify management to one cloud-managed platform. The first installation provided reassurance in areas central to patient safety and security, and the project was such a success that LHCH installed Verkada across the entire facility.

Simple to install, manage and use
With Verkada, LHCH have modernised their physical security technology to be on par with an innovative, technology-forward institution of its caliber. Only a single PoE cable is needed to power the cameras and bring them online, making them simple and fast to deploy. Hybrid cloud cameras offer up to 365 days of onboard storage and edge-based processing to deliver real-time AI-based video insights.

Fast Incident Response from a Centralized Platform
Camera feeds are easily accessible from a single cloud-managed software platform, Command. Cowan and designated staff can view, archive, and share footage quickly and easily through a live link (via SMS or email) from any web browser or mobile device.

Scales Effortlessly with No Hidden Costs
Verkada’s straightforward pricing model consists of two line items: the software license and cameras. With an industry-leading 10-year warranty along with automatic software and firmware updates, Cowan has eliminated the cost of patching security vulnerabilities and maintaining external hardware. Unlimited cloud archiving, user seats, and UK-based support are included as part of his licensing agreement, ensuring that Cowan can quickly get the help he needs when he needs it.

Learn more during Verkada's presentation taking place at the Data, Analytics and Applied AI Theatre at 12.45pm on  25th April. 


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