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Pioneering Healthcare Transformation with Benchmarking Insights

Pioneering Healthcare Transformation with Benchmarking Insights

There is a vast amount of data available to acute hospitals across the NHS provider landscape alongside this there is a continuous pressure for staff to deliver high quality, safe, and effective patient care. Unpacking the data and turning this into meaningful insight is key to success. It’s not just about looking at your own hospital performance, but it is important to cast your eye further afield, looking at what your peers are doing, the levels of performance they are achieving and setting your organisation clear goals for success.

Benchmarking hospital services and striving for Top Hospital status are essential strategies for mitigating waiting lists, enhancing efficiency, lowering mortality rates and providing exceptional patient care.

At CHKS, our commitment to transforming healthcare analytics and insights is backed by over 30 years of extensive NHS data expertise. Our unique services have empowered healthcare providers and leaders to effectively navigate service improvements and has supported their journey to healthcare excellence.

Through our services we have provided organisations access to actionable benchmarking insights by amalgamating data from various sources to monitor performance. Our clients have leveraged our benchmarking services to compare their performance against their own gold standard, other organisations along with conducting thorough mortality profiling. They have also been able to drill down to patient and clinician level indicators to identify outliers and support clinical reviews.

In addition to this, clients enjoy the ability to monitor and report on performance across various organisational levels, including trust, division, and specialty; being able to investigate reasons for variations in performance and having the ability to quickly generate supporting evidence for CQC and NHS Improvement meetings.

Dr Susie Orme, Associate Medical Director (Mortality), Consultant Care of the Elderly, Barnsley Hospital NHS Foundation Trust shares her experience:

“CHKS create monthly Mortality Review reports, including peer comparison, that cover all of our hospital settings within the Trust. We can easily identify areas that are performing well and those that are performing less favourably than others. The review of the data has enabled routine benchmarking within the organisation, as well as compared to similar organisations, regional peers and England. The assurance we have now supports quality improvement. The learning outcomes we identify really helps teams to focus on where improvements need to be made and to improve patient pathways.”

As a leading provider of healthcare intelligence and quality improvement services, we have been developing solutions for healthcare organisations in over 20 countries and have worked with over 400 clients worldwide, supporting them in their journey to healthcare excellence. If you are interested in our services or would like to speak to us, contact us on info@chks.co.uk 


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