ExCeL London |  24 - 25 April 2024

Introducing Axiom: Revolutionising Network Management on Cisco Infrastructure

Block Hall: N7 - N10 Stand: C23
Introducing Axiom: Revolutionising Network Management on Cisco Infrastructure
Helping transform the chaotic tapestry of complex networks into unified, strategic assets

In the networking world, navigating security and compliance is a formidable challenge. The constant need to identify and address vulnerabilities can quickly become overwhelming and time-consuming. Managing the lifecycle of hardware and software presents its own set of hurdles, from ensuring compatibility to staying vigilant with patches.

What’s evident across the board is the strain on teams, perpetually caught in the cycle of “keeping the lights on,” even with the adoption of new architectures. This firefighting leaves little room for proactive planning and future-oriented initiatives. Consequently, staff morale suffers, network availability fluctuates, and the delivery of clinical services becomes compromised.

That’s why we’ve built Axiom, a platform designed specifically to take the complexity out of managing the network, and provide network managers with the visibility and insight they need to manage a secure, always on network.

Visit us at Stand C23 to see Axiom in action!

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