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18 Jan 2024

SEHTA registers with Innovate UK’s business growth service’s Catapults & RTOs Grant Scheme

SEHTA (Science & Engineering Health Technologies Alliance)
SEHTA registers with Innovate UK’s business growth service’s Catapults & RTOs Grant Scheme

Innovate UK EDGE, the innovation agency’s business growth service, is partnering with Catapults and RTOs across the UK to award 100% funded grants of up to £15,000 to suitable high-growth SMEs as part of their advisory support.

Details of the Funding

Under this scheme innovation-driven SMEs can receive a grant for up to £15,000* towards the costs of services and support delivered by RTOs and the Catapult Network including, for example:

  • Exploration and testing of new product ideas
  • The provision of technical expertise and sector knowledge
  • Advice on regulatory and government processes
  • Identification of opportunities for R&D, collaboration, and partnership building
  • Sector-specific expert advice e.g., support with market analysis, cost modelling, business‐case support, and the creation of industry‐relevant R&D project plans
  • Specialist advice and support to commercialise their innovation, including improving efficiency, making their business operations more sustainable, or investigating market gaps

*The grant will pay 100% of eligible project costs up to a maximum of £15,000 (exclusive of VAT if the beneficiary business is VAT registered - irrecoverable VAT can be included in project costs) 

 What is an RTO/Catapult? 

Research & Technology Organisations and Catapults are physical centres with cutting-edge R&D infrastructures including hubs, laboratories, testbeds, factories, and offices, as well as world-leading technical experts that can help innovators develop breakthrough products and services. There are 27 RTOs and Catapults that are able to provide support under this scheme.

For more information please click here and if you are interested in pursuing this with SEHTA and Innovate UK EDGE, please contact Clare Ansett, Operations Manager, SEHTA - clare.ansett@sehta.co.uk


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