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Stemi – Emergency Medical Software

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Stemi – Emergency Medical Software
STEMI is an emergency medical software that helps save lives and optimizes communication between paramedics and stroke and trauma centers in an urgent situations. The emergency medical service app resolves two main problems between paramedics and the hospital team that cause the unoptimized process of patient management.

The challenges our client came with – emergency medical software

Industry: Location-based services (LBS)

Headquarters: Slovakia

Market: Europe

Team size: 3 members

Cooperation: 2019 – present

Technologies: React Native, Firebase

Our client needed to move faster to catch up with a backlog and at the same time needed to find an expert team with cross-platform development expertise

But the most important thing was to bring the stability of the STEMI medical emergency app to a new level. It’s highly important that Healthcare applications that are able to save lives have solid stability and 100% uptime.


Our solution for the client – emergency medical software

First step – Onboarding

First of all our team needed to catch up with the backlog. We were required to get on board the ongoing project as soon as possible and catch up with productivity. Our team suggested the onboarding process specifically applicable to the client’s situation that helped to avoid a delay in the development process and integrate into the existing client’s workflow.

Second step – New structure

We had to find a solution for improving the Stability of the app. The most important thing was to develop a new structure that would provide much more stability and scalability for the emergency medical alert software. Stability is one of the most important factors in any type of mobile app for medical emergencies especially for a time-sensitive situation such as stroke, trauma, and myocardial infarction.

Secondly, Scalability is another factor, which we need to take care of with the STEMI emergency medical information app because the app will have additional modules and support more medical centers. That means that the app should support the modular system at the same time.

The solution was to split up the separate parallel versions before the implementation of a new structure. Any changes related to the new structure didn’t have any reflection on the current version. One of the keys to the stability of the app is using best practices in the development process:

  1. Covering the code of Unit and End-to-End tests
  2. Automize routine processes using CI and more other.

The third step – Developing new functionalities

Developing new functionalities such as dashboard enhancements – special features that could help find an available doctor who will take care of the patient. For example, when paramedics have a patient with myocardial infarction it automatically sends notifications to the nearest clinics where an available doctor could take this request and prepare everything for a patient before the paramedics arrive with the patient to the clinic. Also, for increasing the auditory of this medical emergency app, a medical emergency app for iphone and a medical emergency app for android are advised.

The solution we have developed allows our client to

  • Improve scalability of the app
  •  Provide a solid structure that increases the stability of the app
  • Implement best practices in the development process with an increased speed of development and reduced potential bugs
  • Develop new functionalities which have a much more attractive STEMI app for EMS and Hospitals


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