ExCeL London |  24 - 25 April 2024


CoPerceptuo Hall: N7 - N10 Stand: A65

Struggling to get the most value from your technology investments? CoPerceptuo, a Manchester-based tech startup, offers a unique solution. Their collaborative data gathering platform empowers IT leaders, consultants, and service integrators to make informed decisions across various IT projects, including digital transformation, technology modernisation, and IT service optimisation.

CoPerceptuo goes beyond just data collection. Their platform recognises the importance of context.  Facts alone aren't enough;  CoPerceptuo provides the tools to gather the right information and understand the bigger picture. This collaborative approach fosters engagement across your organisation, ensuring everyone has a voice and decisions are made with a holistic view.

Imagine a platform that streamlines information gathering for crucial IT projects.  CoPerceptuo facilitates this by enabling seamless data collection from various sources within your organisation. This eliminates information silos and ensures everyone is working with the same accurate and up-to-date data.

By leveraging CoPerceptuo, you can gain valuable insights that drive better decision-making.  Make informed choices about digital transformation initiatives, optimise your IT service delivery, and ensure technology modernisation projects are completed successfully.

CoPerceptuo is more than just a software solution; it's a powerful tool that unlocks the true potential of your technology investments. With CoPerceptuo, you can transform data into actionable insights and drive greater value for your organisation.

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