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Custom healthcare software development company

Zenbit Tech Ltd Stand: A24 POD

Our healthcare software development services

eHealth & mHealth

With the help of the newest technologies and being compliant with industry standards and regulations, we boost healthcare quality in Patient Engagement, Disease Awareness, Patient CRM, Telemedicine, and Digital Therapeutics.

Dealing with many health issues meanwhile, we focus on better patient outcomes and personalized care.


Offering custom healthcare software development services for various healthcare providers we guarantee the interoperability and compliance of our products, as well as their data encryption for web and mobile systems.

Medical wearables

We design and improve various healthcare devices and medical wearables that are relevant to industry standards.

Thanks to wearable healthcare products patients get a better vision of their health condition and help to stay connected to their providers and facilities.

Data analytics

Healthcare data analysis software development and implementation for medical institutions. Huge amounts of administrative and clinical data we transform into powerful knowledge so that services improve, business efficiency grows and health results get better.

Patient care & 
monitoring solutions

We guarantee our custom healthcare software engineering services for healthcare providers are industry standards-compliant, interoperable, and developed with data encryption for web and mobile systems.

IoT Solutions

We create IoT healthcare devices and develop their supporting IoT healthcare software strictly following healthcare security standards, like HIPAA, HL7, FDA, DICOM, HITRUST, etc.


Our custom EMR and EHR software development services are designed to make doctor-patient interaction better, support interoperability, improve clinical workflows, and get the most of clinical productivity amongst medical institutions.

VR Solutions

Providing Virtual Reality solutions enable patients and healthcare professionals to use simulated environments designed for medical education like simulative first aid or surgery training, rehabilitation, etc.

We know how challenging it is to create an innovative product in Healthcare

Our custom healthcare software engineering company has its own product for analysis and predictions on cancer and cardiovascular diseases: the modern era’s most dangerous ones. This tech uses dielectrophoresis and an AI-based algorithm to set up cell analysis and from there on make a prediction. Find out more about diagnosing cancer and cardiovascular diseases using dielectrophoresis.




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