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18 Jan 2024


SEHTA (Science & Engineering Health Technologies Alliance)

The role of a NICE META Tool facilitator is to:

  • review the synopsis provided by the company
  • understand the information provided in the synopsis
  • lead the facilitation session
  • compile a summary report of the facilitation outputs using the framework provided in the META tool

Through the NICE META Tool, SEHTA can help companies that develop medical technologies or diagnostics to:

  • identify clinical and economic evidence gaps in their development of value proposition plans
  • explore different routes on how to generate evidence
  • assess the feasibility of further development
  • understand the evidence that payers, commissioners and investors need
  • understand what demonstrates value for patients and the healthcare system
  • increase your understanding of the implications of any gaps in your current evidence base or the evidence you are planning to collect
  • prioritise investment in your product's development strategy develop value claims for a Health Technology Assessment (HTA)

For more information email info@sehta.co.uk

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