NEC BIRMINGHAM |  11-12 MAY 2023


We’ve streamed our sessions into 5 conference theatres, helping you to manage your time at our event and pick out the discussions, case studies, and practical workshops that best match your interests and priorities.

  1. Digital Keynote Theatre
  2. Digital Future Theatre
  3. Data, Analytics and AI Theatre
  4. Digital Transformation Theatre 
  5. Technology Enabled Care Theatre

Scroll down to learn about each one...

1. Digital Keynote Theatre

Digital solutions will play a pivotal role in overcoming the huge challenges faced by the NHS and in creating a more efficient, streamlined and powerful healthcare system. 

Our Digital Keynote Theatre aims to create meaningful conversations around the most significant and newsworthy topics in the digital healthcare space.

Delivered by those at the forefront of digital transformation in healthcare, sessions in the Digital Keynote Theatre will explore how digital solutions can helps answer the key questions on everyone’s minds around easing workforce pressures, tackling health inequalities, facilitating data sharing between systems, and accelerating digital transformation.

2. Digital Future Theatre

What is the vision for digital within the NHS Long Term Plan and how will recent innovations in areas such as virtual reality and robotics create a better and more efficient healthcare system? 

Advances in these areas will enable a better patient experience as care for service users is tailored and personalised to better meet their needs. The great potential of these cutting-edge digital solutions will be unleashed to support evidence-based decision making at a local population level.

The technology is here now – so how can learn from the experience of the Covid-19 response and arrive at the future that little bit faster?

3.  Data, Analytics and AI Theatre

Data and analytics are already at the forefront of the integration agenda, with population health management tools helping identify unwarranted variation and predicting health outcomes across all care settings. What role can AI play in harnessing and analysing these huge data sets, and what relevant information can we utilise to inform our local decision-making at ICS and trust level?

New for 2023, sessions in the Data, Analytics and AI Theatre will also look at the safety implications of using patient data in a data-driven NHS, covering guidelines around information governance and data protection to ensure that patient data is being used in a secure and effective way.

4. Digital Transformation Theatre 

Having a strong, resilient IT infrastructure that is fit for purpose will be key to supporting all healthcare organisations as they move towards more integrated ways of working.

Interoperability and integration are still key priorities, with information sharing and system alignment necessary to reduce duplication and error, streamline processes and improve patient experience across all the touchpoints of NHS care.

Developing an agile, stable and well-protected IT infrastructure will help that move towards a fully digitised and integrated healthcare system. Sessions will showcase the most cutting-edge digital tools, systems and solutions facilitating that shift to a digital-first way of working within healthcare. 

5. Technology Enabled Care Theatre

The Covid-19 pandemic has illustrated that when the right digital solutions are available, take-up from patients and staff can be huge. When properly implemented, digital technologies can improve patient outcomes and staff experience by providing simple and effective solutions to everyday challenges.

Sessions in the Technology Enabled Care Theatre will focus on how digital tools, apps, software and wearables are creating a more personalised approach to care, transforming patient experience and improving long-term health outcomes.

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