ExCeL London |  24 - 25 April 2024

Paul Johnson

Paul Johnson

CEO & Co-Founder, Radar Healthcare
Paul Johnson, CEO and co-founder of Radar Healthcare comes from a software background and is passionate about applying technology to solve business problems. He strongly believes that innovation and digital systems are the key to easing the pressures on healthcare, especially as they experience compliance, reputational and commercial challenges which can have a direct impact on the quality of care itself. Radar Healthcare was founded in 2012 to help address these challenges and bring about much needed automation and efficiencies and help improve the quality of care. Paul is actively engaged across a wide number of areas within the healthcare sector. He also volunteers for the NHS to support his local community, most recently helping with the COVID-19 vaccine roll out as a steward and can be seen speaking at various events to champion the importance of technology.

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